Lummis Family History

World Connections


Semman Lummis, who was the son of John LUMMIS of Wickham Skeith, Suffolk, England, set out from London on 25th June 1853 on the ship "Ballarat" and arrived in  Victoria on 25th September 1853. According to the immigration records his name was recorded as Tauman LUMMIS, occupation Porter, and his age was given as 25 years although according to parish records in England the baptism date was 1826 making him at least two years older. In 1859 Samman married Julia HOWARD from Norfolk, England.

Win McDonell published a book in Australia titled "A Scottish Blend of Alexander and  Lummis" in 1998 giving fuller details of the Lummis family connection in that country.

The Australian connection was passed on to me by Carol Ahern and Lorraine Nicholson who discovered my interest in the LUMMIS name 15 years ago.

I have recently become aware of William Lummis and his wife Elizabeth and their family of 7 children were assisted immigrants arriving in Sydney NSW in 1875 on the 'Samuel Plimsoll'


If you are interested in the Lummis name in Canada then take a look at the family history of John LUMMIS who went to Canada from Laxfield, Suffolk in 1836. (This site disappeared in 2009 - the link now takes you to an archived copy. It should be noted that there are no known connections between this John Lummis and the rest of the Lummis family detailed on this website.

New Zealand

The earliest Lummis immigrant to New Zealand that I have discovered was George Lummis  who arrived in Lyttleton on 4th December 1859 with Sarah, his wife, and two children. I have no information about their descendants.

South Africa

George Lummis  fought in the Boer War and was shot in action in 1901. Whilst in South Africa he married and had five children, many of their descendants now live in South Africa.


The Lummis name in the USA derives from Edward and Joseph LOOMES who emigrated in 1635 from Essex or Suffolk and initially settled in Ipswich, Massachusetts. No connection has been made between the Lummis name in England to the families of Edward and Joseph LOOMES. For more details of the American family go to Loomis Families of America and if your name is Lomas then have a look at The Lomas Family